ReillyWorks first product is CARPE’, a mixed reality kit for parents and children to play outside in a story-driven, location-based game. In this experience, you work as the CARPE Crew, each with your own role in the mission to stop the evil Treefire Corps and its gang from taking over your city parks. The physical kit comes with an obstacle course to set up and RFID inflatables for each role. The AR digital assets target on the course with the Treefire gang of genetically modified squirrels ready to go head to head. Only CAPPY, the captain of the crew wears the mobile device in an AR headset and coaches the crew to victory via bluetooth headset / microphones that offer audio feedback for the game board sound effects and team communication. CARPE' offers opportunities for re-playability whether it’s beat your past score, compete against other teams, try on a new role, or watch the recording to laugh with your family and friends.

Play Together!  Building Tangible Story Experiences.

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